Saturday, July 16

Do You Love Life?

"I often ask people, 'Do you love life?' People say, 'Yeah, I love
life.' Really? Or just half of life? The nice part? Do you love all
of life? The sick times? The times when you get overworked in the
office? The times when you get old? The time when loved ones
disappear from you? Do you love that part of life as well? Do you
love life when it's about time for you to die? Do you really love
life? Because all of life, starting from birth to death - do you love
it all, or just half of it, and hate the other half?

"Do you really love life? Do you want to be at peace? We can be at
peace with all of life. When we say, 'Life, the door of my heart is
open to you. No matter who you are or what you do, come in. Life, the
door of my heart is open to you. ALL of you. Not just the nice part.
All of you.' Then you find you're at peace with life. Then all of the
problems have ended. Then there is no control. 'Good' and 'bad'
perceived for what they really are: just skillful and unskillful,
just part of the great Cosmos, like night and day, in the 'big
picture', as we see it from above, as it were. We find, 'Yes, thank
you.' Thank you, not for just the good parts; for the other parts as

"That's what tested us. That's what's made us what were are. 'The
door of my heart is open to everything, no matter what.'"

~ Ajahn Brahmavamso, "Loving Kindness (Metta)", transcript of lecture
given 7th February 2003

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