Tuesday, June 28

The Not-Self Strategy

In this morning's email, the reading in "Daily Words of the Buddha" was an important verse from the Dhammapada:

"Impermanent are all compounded things."
When one perceives this with true insight,
then one becomes detached from suffering;
this is the path of purification.

--Dhammapada 277

Wanting to read this in context, I went to Access to Insight and read Ven. Thanissaro's translation of verses 277-279.

When you see with discernment,
'All fabrications are inconstant'
you grow disenchanted with stress.
This is the path
to purity.
When you see with discernment,
'All fabrications are stressful'
you grow disenchanted with stress.
This is the path
to purity.
When you see with discernment,
'All phenomena are not-self'
you grow disenchanted with stress.
This is the path
to purity.

The footnote led me to a re-reading of Ven. Thanissaro's article,
The Not-Self Strategy, which I first read a long time ago, but which I'm finding very valuable to read again.

For further reading it may also be worthwhile to re-visit Ven. Thanissaro's article, "No-self or Not-self."

Sunday, June 26

Freely Associating Again

I say x, and you think y.

  1. Useless:: clutter
  2. Radiant:: beauty
  3. W:: x
  4. Unpaid:: leave
  5. Geek:: nerd
  6. Unfaithful:: cheat
  7. Reboot:: restart
  8. No!:: Yes!
  9. Squad:: car
  10. Fetish:: photo

Sunday, June 19

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Domesticated:: cat
  2. Cask:: wine
  3. Wayne:: world
  4. Insidious:: Darth
  5. Cool!:: beans
  6. Dishwasher:: load
  7. Little house:: prairie
  8. Stepford:: wives
  9. Hung:: jury
  10. Falling:: angel

Friday, June 17


Conard, Annette Kennedy Hall. Annette H. Conard, of West Hartford, beloved wife of the late Frederick U. Conard, Jr., died at St. Francis Hospital on Thursday, (June 9, 2005). The daughter of the late Frederick Parrott and Virginia (Mullins) Hall, she was born September 6, 1922 in Orange, New Jersey. She moved from South Orange, New Jersey to West Hartford after her marriage to Frederick. Their marriage of fifty-seven years was blessed from the beginning. A graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, Anne was a talented artist and graphic designer. Working as a free-lance artist, she designed a vast array of graphics for many publications and for many years volunteered to design and hand-draw the route map for the Hartford Art School’s House and Garden Tour. She loved music, and was a talented singer. She sang in groups such as “The Better Half Notes” and the “Treble Clefs.” She was a committed and valued member of the Hartford Art School Board. She was also a member of the Board of Directors of the American School for the Deaf and member of the Town and County Club and “Seed and Weed” Garden Club. A member of Asylum Hill Congregational Church, she participated in many church functions. She joined the Junior League of West Hartford, doing volunteer work and later became a sustaining member. She is survived by her son, Frederick U. Conard, III MD of West Hartford, and her daughter, Virginia Hall Conard, of Saratoga Springs, New York. Her predeceased grandson was Michael Frederick Conard also of West Hartford. She leaves her nieces and nephew, Kathy and Michael Minsch, and Cindy Martin. A Memorial Service will be held at 11:00 A.M. on Tuesday, June 14 at Asylum Hill Congregational Church, 814 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, in the main sanctuary. The family requests that memorial contributions be sent to Asylum Hill Congregational Church, in Hartford

Freely Associating

  1. Wally:: world
  2. Phantom:: of the Opera
  3. Slippery:: when wet
  4. Fungus:: among us
  5. Slot:: machine
  6. Type:: writer
  7. Discharge:: painful
  8. "We need to talk”:: uh oh
  9. On the spot:: Johnny
  10. Liquid:: plumber

Sunday, June 5

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Exhibit:: museum
  2. Evolution:: Darwin
  3. Loser:: me
  4. Hypnotic:: trance
  5. Unlikely:: impossible
  6. Interrupt:: abrupt
  7. Ambivalent:: two
  8. Rise and fall:: wave
  9. Indian:: Ocean
  10. Prophecy:: Christopher Walken

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