Sunday, May 29

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Crowd:: scary
  2. Hamburger:: I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today
  3. Choker:: Neck
  4. Lights:: Camera! Action!
  5. Tinsel:: Town
  6. Testament:: Old
  7. Best part of the day:: Sleep
  8. Election:: Matthew Broderick
  9. Clarinet:: Reed
  10. Cake or death:: Eddie Izzard

Monday, May 23

With A Name Like Art Dorks, It's Got To Be _____

I find my browser frequently re-visiting a site called Art Dorks, a small community of users with a shared interest in fine (and not-so-fine) art.

Into The Valley Of Finks And Weirdos

Todd Schorr's art can be located sqaurely within the movement known as "lowbrow" and "pop surrealism" (among other things). As with the work of Robert Williams, my admiration for the insanely visionary imagery and gorgeous rendering sits fidgeting alongside my claustrophobic discomfort with some of these over-populated canvases.


Sunday, May 22

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Heimlich:: choking
  2. Gesture:: nuance
  3. Party:: of five
  4. Cuddle:: snuggle
  5. Room with a view:: Helena Bonham Carter
  6. Sebastian:: Bach
  7. Ooooh:: Aaaah
  8. Sigh:: heavy
  9. Two fish, three fish:: red fish, blue fish
  10. Cake or death:: Eddie Izzard

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