Thursday, January 6

Major Arcana: The Hanged Man

Major Arcana: The Hanged Man
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The Hanged Man of the Tarot Deck's Major Arcana.

Description from "Tarot's Hanged Man" by Nina Lee Braden
The Hanged Man often refers to taking time out for spiritual searching, perhaps using "unconventional means" of searching. It involves changing directions or perspectives. There is an element of waiting involved and sometimes sacrifice. It can indicate a Rite of Passage, an initiation or a transition. The card has sometimes been called the card of the Dying God. The Hanged Man means listening to your inner self, sometimes even when it seems to go against logic. It means looking at things in new and different ways. It also indicates unconventional behavior. It is a time of being alone often and reflects the need to withdraw from time to time in order to recharge or regroup your inner energies.

Comments: of the best interpretations/explanations for The Hanged Man that I have ever read. Great job with that. Great job with the graphic too.
I have always wanted to do a Tarot deck!
I am accepting your challenge!
I wish these comments threaded...oh well!
Onto some foolishness...odd, a friend last night was comparing the archtype of the jester/fool with the devil....and saw similarities...perhaps.
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