Friday, January 14

The Astrological Reading

I had my reading with Barbara Ivacek today, and it went well beyond what I could have hoped for. She agreed to be on speakerphone so that I could record the reading onto my computer via a program called Express Dictate, and I then used AudioHijack and iTunes to convert it to an MP3 file... an hourlong read compresses nicely down to 64 Mb...

I'm bursting to tell all about the reading, but I think I need to sit with it for a while, to let it all marinate... But one thing, the biggest thing: a conjunction of the sun and Uranus is going to happen in March, what Barbara described as a "once in a lifetime transit." Intensely good aspect; she used words like enlightenment, illuminating, ascending. We were both delighted when I told her that March happens to be the time when I'll be at the monthlong meditation retreat... Oh boy...

So much great news, and so much insight.

Oh, and Barbara was very encouraging about the Tarot Challenge -- she can't see me ever doing readings (although she says I certainly had the psychic facility for that) but that doing a new deck would definitely be cool...

The funniest moment was when she pointed out that as far as career: I have no planets at all in that house. The overwhelming majority of the planets are in the 12th house, the Pisces house, the house of the Spiritual Seeker, the Artist, and the Healer...

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