Friday, December 17

Intense Rapture

Two days ago, a waitress named Kim who works in the dining hall shared with us about her husband Jeff's disability: he has a benign tumor on his spine, which causes a great deal of pain (and immobility, I gather). I asked her for his full name so I could include him in my "prayers" (easier than trying to explain metta & karuna bhavana, and the concept is clear enough). I've been sending to both of them, and today when I progressed from Leigh to Sakula to Dr. Okosky to Kim&Jeff, there was an extremely intense burst of rapture. The intensity of the rapture made it difficult to stay with for too very long, but... wow.

Insight practice followed, hanging out at the hearing sense door & observing the arising & ceasing of sounds, especially Gini's oxygen machine.

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