Sunday, November 28


From "Who Is My Self?" by Ven. Ayya Khema, chapter 13, "Path and Fruition," p.157

...When we are completely convinced and are totally willing to give up our self-illusion, there comes a moment when we can make the attempt to do so. Giving it up is not so easily done as said, but at least it can be explained.

After any of the jhanas is the right moment to try. The first jhana is not particularly suitable, although the Buddha says it can be done after any one of them. The third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh are all most useful because the mind is particularly at ease and clear of the hindrances. When these are present, it is impossible for us to see the truth because we are obstructed by the hindrances. But when we come out of a jhana, during which they have been laid aside, the mind is tranquil and translucent, and it becomes possible at that time to recognize other dimensions.

We can, in fact, make the attempt after any concentrated meditation, but unless the concentration has been long and steady enough, the hindrances will still be present. It is essential to have an unperturbed mind.

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