Tuesday, November 16

2 Points Shy of Genius

According to this website I found:
An average intelligence quotient is considered to be one hundred. However, the range actually extends from ninety to one hundred and nine... Just one point higher and the person is catapulted into the one hundred and ten to one hundred and nineteen intelligence quotient range. This person is considered to be mentally superior to his or her average counterparts. Add one more point, and the person who has an intelligence level from the one hundred and twenty to one hundred and forty range is considered to be even more superior in intelligence. And, finally, if a person's intelligence quotient is found to be above one hundred and forty, that person is considered to be a genius in mental intelligence. This level is not reached very often, though.

Story of my life. Almost, but not quite.

And yes, I'm fully aware of how silly this is.

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