Tuesday, October 12

A Vivid Dream

Last night -- early this morning -- I dreamed that I was at BCBS, at next year's Leigh Brasington retreat. It was the first night and we were all sitting in a circle on the floor for the "introduce yourself" portion. I was sitting near Leigh, with a couple of people in between. I introduced myself saying that this was my third retreat with Leigh; last year I had to cancel because my wife had just had an appendectomy. It turned weird then, because some guy on the other side of the circle somehow interpreted this as meaning that she had also been pregnant and in labor, and much discussion ensued. I thought, wow, this is not quiet group. I apologized to Leigh, and he said "Not your fault." I could tell he was tired from traveling and wanted to go to bed. As other people to my right were finally starting to introduce themselves, I closed my eyes and started sending out metta to the people to my left and to my right. Very quickly there was an intense feeling of rapture -- which I physically felt in the dream -- starting from the base of my spine and filling the body, and especially flowing outward out both side of my lower back. Then I felt my body becoming lighter, and it was as if strong hands had lifted me, and I began to levitate up into the air. In the dream I opened my eyes when I reached the ceiling of the hall, then closed them again as I drifted back down... After that, I remember asking the people who had seen this not to tell anyone about it...

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