Monday, October 11

Nakulapita Sutta

SN XXII.1 Nakulapita Sutta

Nakulapita, a self-described feeble old man, asks the Buddha for instruction. The Buddha replies that one should train onself, "Even though the body is afflicted, the mind will be unafflicted."

Later Ven. Sariputta explains in detail.

"And how is one afflicted in body but unafflicted in mind? There is the case where a well-instructed disciple of the noble ones -- who has regard for noble ones, is well-versed & disciplined in their Dhamma; who has regard for men of integrity, is well-versed & disciplined in their Dhamma -- does not assume form to be the self, or the self as possessing form, or form as in the self, or the self as in form. He is not seized with the idea that 'I am form' or 'Form is mine.' As he is not seized with these ideas, his form changes & alters, but he does not fall into sorrow, lamentation, pain, distress, or despair over its change & alteration.

"He does not assume feeling to be the self...

...and so on with perceptions, volitional formations & consciousness, all 5 aggegrates.

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