Sunday, October 24

Hello Piti, My Old Friend

This morning's meditation included a very nice period of piti (rapture, delightful sensation). It seems like it's been a very long time since that's arisen (in anything but a dream). Super nice.

It occurs to me that if the SSRI I've started taking really does its job and keeps my brain chemistry more or less normal, it could have very beneficial effects on my meditation practice. The jhanas could arise more frequently and more easily from a mind that is stable and happy. After all, a happy mind is predisposed to samadhi, to unification, to being un-scattered.

Post Script: A note on method. It was very effective to use the method I learned at this summer's retreat from Rodney Smith: to breathe metta into the heart and out of the heart. The two-way motion seemed to be a significant component of the experience. Especially the inhalation: that really expanded the piti. Breathing the metta in felt great, and then breathing it out... it broke down the barrer of "whose" metta it was. It wasn't mine, or Gini's, it was just metta. And because it was impersonal, like tapping into a seemingly unlimited supply that was always available. Again I say: super nice.

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