Thursday, September 16

Ticket Out of the Hell Realms

This morning around 5 a.m. I woke with an insight, a knowing: that the past couple of days I've been in a hell realm (in the psychological interpretation of the realms) because of all the pain and consequent aversion and hatred. And as both Chris and Gini pointed out, metta would be the way out of that. All metta, all the time. I hadn't been maintaining that continuity of mindfulness for the past few days, and man, did it show. So, back to all metta, all the time. That's what made the retreat in July (and the period after) so heavenly, all that metta. That's the key, the ticket out.

Your insight is a blessing and also a byproduct of all of the spiritual work you have been doing...I'm so relieved that you found your way out :-D
LOVE to my Metta Bunny--your Gbun
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