Wednesday, August 11

Metta Dukkha

From the Isn't It Ironic Department (Don'tcha Think):

Today I'm getting experiential insight into the dukkha-ful nature of even the most sublime mindstates. I've been continuing to do "all metta - all the time" practice, but yesterday and today, it's become clear that even those heavenly, blissful states have the nature of dukkha because... they don't last. They can't last. Because they are willed and conditioned, they are therefore impermanent. And because they're impermanent, they're dukkha, ultimately unsatisfactory. Even a heavenly rebirth is still part of the round, and the cycle of dukkha continues.

So only the complete cessation of dukkha will suffice.

So I'll keep doing all metta, all the time, but with a clear mind, knowing that all compounded things are impermanent, unsatisfactory, and not self.

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