Saturday, August 21

The Importance of Maintenance

Yesterday I received an object lesson (like a loving clop upside the head) on the utmost importance of maintaining metta at all times throughout the day. Yesterday my recollection was slack; for one thing, the interrupted and extended nature of the "endorphin therapy"* meant that I spent most of the day in forgetfulness, & didn't have my "morning sitting" until late afternoon. And man, was there ever a price to be paid. Really dreadful emotional storms last night, terrible depression...

Today, I started the metta as soon as I woke up, & stayed in bed for a while keeping it going. Then got up, keeping it going... Then formal sitting... And it's a 180 degree difference in my mental/emotional state.

The importance of constantly maintaining the recollection of metta cannot be over-emphasized. It's truly vital to my well-being.

* Euphemism

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