Saturday, August 28


It has been discomfiting, this past week or two, to note the presence of bouts of depression. It scared and discouraged me, because I had thought that the new regimen of all metta, all the time meant that I would never get depressed again. Uh uh. Nope. Sorry. But now I see that I had been holding an incorrect belief: that the metta didn't mean that depression would never arise, but that when it did arise, I would befriend it rather than try to get rid of it. Befriending everything that arises in the present moment doesn't mean just befriending the happy, fun things. It's everything: including the biochemical weirdness that this body produces on a daily basis, whenever its blood sugar is low, or it's dehydrated, or whatever happens to be out of balance. All these things must be befriended -- including those periods of depression when they arise.

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