Thursday, July 1


On yesterday's front page at, Laura Miller's review of David Foster Wallace's new story collection, "Oblivion", sent me scrambling greedily off to, where I found that the book is available as an Adobe Reader eBook. While remaining mindful of my past difficulties with downloading eBooks from Amazon (one can't use Safari, one must use Internet Explorer), I proceeded. Last night, I read the first story, "Mr Squishy". Though the story's plot aims at producing a horrific effect, this effect commingles with the buzz from DFW's language-besotted prose.

One of the customer reviewers opined that DFW should knock off the fancy-schmancy stuff and try to write in simple sentences like Hemingway, instead of continuing to cultivate the maximalist Pynchonian row DFW currently hoes.

Keep it simple, like Hemingway, not going for the unattainable, grandiose ten pound volumes like Pynchon.

Well, some of us love Pynchon, some don't. Some love Hemingway, some don't. De gustibus non disputandum est.

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