Sunday, June 20

"Trail Mix"
"Walking the 'Pod"

During the noontime hour I walked the trails through the woods behind Prestwick Chase. Awesome trails. For accompaniment, I brought my iPod along, playing in its entirety Aimee Mann's exquisitely crafted collection of poison-pen letters to her former record company, "I'm With Stupid." Much of that record would not be out of place on my mix, "Bri's Favorite Achingly Bitter Songs." [See previous entry.] Of particular note, though, is a song called, "That's Just What You Are," which chastizes someone who is afraid of changing. [See separate lyrics post.]

Walking through the woods took me back to the summers of my teenage years, especially the summer of '83 when I was 16, those July days in which I roamed the wooded and swampy areas near my parents' house, ostensibly looking for blackberries to pick. A roam and a ramble through the blackberry bramble. [/doggerel] Though I had not yet read "Walden," I was like an adolescent Thoreau, leaving the world of village thoughts behind upon entering the woods. That was truly my initial, entirely private discovery of mindfulness practice, long before I knew what meditation was.

Today, there were moments on those trails when it was impossible not to see this hike as a metaphor. Although I didn't know where I was in relation to anything else, and didn't know where the trail would ultimately lead, I knew that I was on the path, and I needed no more than that knowledge to feel safe and happy.

I wish to walk these trails again, and to bring the camera next time. Walking in the woods is good for me, I think, for reasons far beyond (but not excluding) physical exercise.

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