Wednesday, June 9

Long Time, No Blog!

Wow, nearly a week without an update, that's far too long. To recap:

Friday: sick. Very Sick.

Saturday: went down to Castle Computers to retrieve Gini's freshly repaired PowerBook. Yay. It only cost $40 for labor; the new HD was gratis under warranty. The rest of the afternoon, evening and into the night was spent restoring her data & software from backups and from the old PB she'd been using in the interim. Actually went about 6 hours straight, without a break. Had "Bruce Almighty" on HBO in the background, followed by a really HBO original movie starring Alan Rickman, about a black man who became a pioneer of open heart surgery...

Sunday: More fixing of Gini's computer: finding fonts like Calligrapher, getting the screensavers she wanted, etc.

Monday: signed up to the Price Chopper shopping trip. After returning, spent the rest of the afternoon putting away the big pile of stuff from the house that had been sitting for far too long in the living room. With a little ingenuity, I was able to find places to put everything, and man oh man, does the living room look better! Amazing what a difference that makes.

Tuesday: Rusty suggested an impromptu trip up to the house in the morning. Before we went to the house, I requested a stop-off, and brought along that bag of old CDs (something I've procrastinated about doing for well over a year). Took them to Last Vestige, and the kid behind the counter gave me a check for $70... :-) Then we went to the house and mostly worked in the garage. That was Rusty's idea. Personally, I think our efforts are more profitably directed at the main house, but hey, who am I to argue? Upon returning I had to quickly shower, decontaminate, change clothes, fix Gini's lunch, go to the information meeting in the library with the new Shiatsu therapist, then back here for some bill-paying, then a difficult session with Chris... Aaaaiiieeee. For visual, refer to Munch's "The Scream."

Today: Lunch with my mom. We'd been talking about getting together for -- what? weeks? But we kept postponing, for one reason after another. Lovely lunch at Applebee's, preceded by a little trip to Barnes & Noble, where I bought myself a present, the O'Reilly book, "Learning Cocoa with Objective-C." I realized this morning that if I really want to pursue fooling around with Xcode, it makes more sense to deploy my efforts to learning Objective C than it does to learn Java...

For the future:Another procrastination item finally resolved: I made the call to Just Service to arrange for a plumber to come up to the house on Friday afternoon, a window of 1pm to 4pm...

No wonder I'm so tired...

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