Saturday, May 22

Practice Satipatthana!

Excerpt from a talk by Leigh Brasington, on the four foundations of mindfulness (satipattha), transcribed from tape 2 of the "Satipatthana and Jhanas" retreat at BCBS, April 2002.

"...'This is the direct path' seems to be a better way of phrasing it. 'This is the path that leads in one direction only.' Part of it is due to the fact that if you practice the four foundations of mindfulness, it will take you towards insights: insights of the type that are necessary to gain enlightenment. Other elements of the Buddha's teaching may or may not take you that way. For instance, practicing the jhanas may take you toward enightenment or may take you down a dead-end alley where you're just sitting there getting high. OK? So some of the things that the Buddha taught will take you toward enlightenment if they are applied properly, such as concentration. Some of the things the Buddha taught will lead you towards enlightenment inevitably, such as the four foundations of mindfulness."

Oh man, oh man, oh man. Recognition strikes hard: I've been just sitting there getting high (or trying to). Oh man. No wonder there hasn't been much progress since April 2002... Gotta get back to satipatthana.

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