Sunday, May 23

Open Up

Watched "Bend It Like Beckham" last night. What a delight! What a joy!

How long has it been since I smiled with mouth open, showing teeth, a big, broad, bright smile? Feels really great. Not like that weak, barely-there half-smile I've come to affect habitually... What a difference real joy makes.

There was no closed captioning for this movie, and no option for subtitles, so it was necessary to concentrate harder to make out the words. Concentration... I felt much more presesnt after the movie, and continue to feel so this morning -- the gaps between moments of mindfulness are smaller, giving the impression that there's more continuity of mindfulness. Last night especially, this led to feeling much more awake and energized, more here.

I recall what Leigh said once in private interview, about boisterous, joyful people (Greeks, was it?) at a retreat he gave abroad -- they easily popped off into the first jhana. And on a separate occasion he said to let the metta make me almost-giddy...
Bend It Like Beckham
Oh, and "Bend It Like Beckham" had a very excellent soundtrack, too.

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