Monday, May 31

The Daily Sitting Report

Sat for approximately 1 hour, first using metta then breath as object. Pretty scattered, but not unpleasant. Not as peaceful as it could have been... Knowing that I have to remember to go and pick up our brunch from the Memorial Day is probably keeping me from really letting go into the meditation. There's probably a faint anxiety that I'll lose track of time -- a hindrance.

I strongly wish that I didn't have to go up there and face that loud, madding crowd in order to obtain our daily provisions. I strongly wish I could just stay here where it's quiet and peaceful, and I didn't have to deal with all those people (and that I didn't have to deal with all my anxiety about dealing with all those people).

Oh well, if wishes were fishes... Heck, if wishes were fishes, I wouldn't have to go out... ;-)

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