Monday, April 5


Last night Antony's dad, Bill Woods, emailed us that Antony was in the hospital.

Dear friends,

This is Anyony's [sic] dad here. This is just a short message to let you know that Antony has had to go to hospital for (hopefully) a few days. This means that he will not be able to join in the next chat session. Please let any other of Antonys buddhist firends [sic] know, so they will not be worried. He will be in touch as soon as he returns home.


Bill Woods

I knew that he hadn't been doing well recently. In chat, he's talked in great detail about his delusions -- usually to just me, when there's been no one else around. I guess that means he trusts me, to some degree.

In this morning's metta session, spent a great deal of time radiating loving-kindness to Antony. I hope he gets well soon.

This all really started back in December (or late November?) when his shrink changed his meds. He had more energy, but he got hyper, insomniac and deluded. Before that, back in the good old days, he was often lethargic, referred to wanting to lie in bed a lot, but -- aside from the ever-present hypochondria -- he was stable. I wish they'd go back to his old meds.

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