Thursday, April 15


Sometimes when there's too much weirdness, it becomes necessary to unplug and leave it off for a while. Then, after a sufficient time, one plugs in again, and the weirdness disappears as mysteriously as it arrived. This works with computers, and it works with my head, too, apparently. This afternoon, my mind turned so sour, with such obviously bad chemicals in my system, that I ended up having to lie down in a dark room for a couple of hours. And now I'm feeling fine.

I'm definitely not normal. Other people don't have to be this careful about when they eat, and what they eat. Other people, when they're an hour late having lunch, don't have their minds turn poisonous.

Oh well. At least the reboot worked. Although now there's a headache developing, like a cramp in the left side of my forehead.

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