Wednesday, April 14

New Today

Boxes from arrived today, containing, amongst other things:

My Bloody Valentine, "Loveless"

"Kill Bill, Vol. 1"

"V." by Thomas Pynchon

As I suspected, I'm really loving MBV, their oceanic, roiling guitar drone. But I'm amused to note how much intentionality this enjoyment entails. I read an article a few weeks ago about Kevin Shields, and then and there I more or less decided that I was going to love this band, this record. The enjoyment is there, and it's genuine, but it's also... willed. Isn't that odd? This pleasure formed as much by the pleasant auditory sensation as by my desire to enjoy something, to be "into" some new music. I want to be fascinated, infatuated, captivated, and I've been looking around for new things to mesmerize me. The band Ivy has also been auditioned in this regard, based mostly on their song "Worry About You," [theme for the Stephen King TV show, "Kingdom Hospital]. Curious, this longing for something to be passionate about.

Oh, this is an old pattern, I've just recognized. An old strategy for warding off depression; it's almost as if I'm trying to find new ways to bind myself to the world. Yes, that's it. To keep from floating off into the grey.

Still and all, it's really beautiful in its own right, and the enjoyment rings true. The British musical press used to call this this shoegazer, or dream pop, or miasma, I think.


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