Wednesday, April 14

Ahhh, Sweet Relief

Just now I was sitting here reading bOING bOING, and I happened to notice how beautifully peaceful my body was feeling. Then I remembered that, in response to a great deal of lower-back pain this morning, I took one of my slowly dwindling supply of hydrocodone. I don't do this very often -- that's why the stash dwindles slowly, because I usually try to just bear the pain mindfully. But, my goodness, how amazing it is to have a body that isn't wracked. I'd forgotten what a joy it is. I wish I'd appreciated this when I was younger, before my injuries & the fibro (or whatever it is) siezed this body & shook it like a Doberman with a rag doll.

A Few Random Lines That Surfaced Yesterday

dreaming vertigo in this barking head
a hesitation like feline rebuke

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