Monday, March 22

What I Learned On This Retreat

Referring to "The Noble Path of the Householder," March 14th to March 21st, 2004, at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. Written in my notebook on Friday, March 19th (I think).

1. That ordaining as a monk would not be a good idea for me. Ever. The hypoglycemia causes more than just unpleasant feeling, but is actually dangerous. So remaining in the lay life, where I can eat the proper food (protein) at the right times is of VITAL importance. For liberating knowledge of things as they are to arise, the mind must be clear, calm, and unified; so I will take food as medicine, to assist on traveling the path to freedom.

2. #1 is okay.

3. AN 6:44 -- Even for one prone to anger & pride, & from time to time states of greed arise, but he has heard the teachings and acquired much learning, he has a keen understanding... with the breakup of the body after death, he is set for progress, not for decline. He will rise higher & not deteriorate.

4. Gini is my monastery.

5. Andy [Olendzki] says he is impressed with my knowledge of the Dhamma.

6. One of the biggest areas that still needs work is refraining from idle chatter, frivolous talk. I used to think I was doing well with this -- after all, I'm generally regarded to be a quiet guy -- but now I remember how much I love talking about movies, and about "Survivor," etc.

7. I'd like to get a copy of "The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha." [Addendum: It may only be excerpts from the Anguttara, but it's probably a better read than the PTS translation of the Gradual Sayings.]

8. My social ineptitude arises from fear.

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