Friday, March 12

The Music's Getting Louder

The date of departure nears. On Sunday, a Greyhound bus will bear me to Worcester, and from there a taxi to Barre for my retreat, "The Noble Path of the Householder." My mood is an admixture of excitement & worry, eagerness and anxiety. I hope and pray that Gini will be OK on her own.

Mar 14-21
Sun-Sun (7 Days)
Andrew Olendzki & Annie Nugent
Bhavana Program: The Noble Path of the Householder
From earliest times the Buddhist community or sangha has consisted of not only monks and nuns, but also lay women and lay men. Throughout his forty-five years of teaching dhamma, the Buddha exhorted householders to practice generosity, virtue, meditation and wisdom. In this Bhavana program, built around extensive periods of silent meditation, we examine some of the Buddha’s teaching that particularly speak to the challenges of practicing in the midst of social relationships and responsibilities. Please see description of the Bhavana format. Some retreat experience required.

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