Saturday, March 27


On Thursday morning, Gini was complaining of severe abdominal pain, lower right quadrant. Fearing appendicitis, we took an ambulance to the hospital, and the ER doc (Dr. Christopher Case) said that she didn't have appendicitis, she had a hernia, and sent us home. The next morning, G saw Dr. Okosky, our family doctor, and he sent us over to the hospital to consult a surgeon about her hernia. They did the CT scan that they should have done Thursday but wouldn't, and lo and behold, she did have appendicitis after all. They did the appendectomy yesterday afternoon, and G is recovering nicely -- in a private room, to boot.

I've gotta get myself in gear and get to the hospital. She might be discharged as early as today, or possibly tomorrow.

Life's funny. And it's amazing, all the things that can go wrong with a body.

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