Monday, February 16

Uh, What?

Can you believe it's more expensive to download the Adobe Acrobat version of William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition" from than it is to buy the dead-tree book???

Download: $25.95
Book: $18.17

Uhhhhhhh, what?

The download of Woolf's "A Room of One's Own" is quite sensibly priced a bit less than the physical book.

Download: $6.99
Book: $8.00

*Sigh* Sometimes currency just doesn't pay.

I don't want more objects cluttering up my living space! I just want the data!

I guess modernism is more inherently sensible than post-. Certainly it's cheaper.

Of course, I could cut though both of these Gordian knots if I would only drag myself to the library. [laugh]

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