Thursday, February 5

Today's Shower Songs

Sarah McLachlan - Building A Mystery
Nina Gordon - Tonight and the Rest of My Life
Eric Clapton - Change the World
Sheryl Crow - Safe and Sound


Home again, after a visit to my mother's house. Very interesting time. Monday remains one of the more interesting nights in a long time. Much of it is unbloggable, but it involved a long period (several hours) of khanika samadhi -- momentary concentration -- and a succesion of insights.

Film Strip, Cont'd

"Once Upon A Time In Mexico"
"Confessions of a Dangerous Mind"
"Bulletproof Monk"

Interesting how the order of watching is also the descending order of quality. "Once Upon A Time In Mexico" was a delight, constantly surprising, a work of particular kind of genius. The DVD extras showed how brilliant Robert Rodriguez is: a virtuoso stylist with perfect understanding of his tools. Nothing to do with the Don Delillo novel of the same name, "Underworld" was a much better movie than one would expect. It looked like, "Oh, a fighting babe in black PVC, how novel; gosh, do you think they've seen 'The Matrix'?" But it turned out to be a richly imagined action film, a dark fantasy with its own mythology for the vampires & werewolves. Yes, there is a brain under all that pretty CGI, and a darn clever one! "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," George Clooney's unfortunate directorial debut. Try, try again, George. If they'll let you. "Bulletproof Monk," I couldn't even make it all the way thorugh it. Sorry, Chow-Yun.

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