Saturday, February 7


Interesting. Had a better session when focusing on mindfully remaining present -- during walking and first part of sitting. My plan was to do metta, then karuna, but the more I tried to force myself to do metta, the more I got lost in thickets of proliferation.

An interesting lesson just now: I had to sign into blogger again, and couldn't remember my password at first. It wasn't in with the usual storehouse of shareware & other registrations. But I got it right on the second guess. So I made a text file to remember, & saved it with the shareware & other registrations. For redundancy, I tried to save it to the Documents folder as well, but was informed that that file already existed. When I checked, sure enough, back on November 3rd, when I opened this account, I saved the info there. What got me was: then and now, I used the exact same file name, and put the information in the exact same format. It was really striking. The mind is such a creature of habit. So conditioned.

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