Wednesday, February 25


~1hr, mostly metta, some karuna. OK samadhi. Calio curled up on the quilt between my feet.


We adopted a cat yesterday! Gini's been wanting to get another cat for months. When our last kitty, Sammy, died a couple of years ago, it really tore me up, and I've been reluctant to enter into that kind of relationship again. But on Monday I said to Gini, you know, my birthday's on Friday, let's get a kitty for my birthday! So on Monday we made a little trip to the Saratoga Animal Shelter... and the experience really hurt my heart. I wanted to save them all. Undaunted, Gini went online that night, to a website called and started "shopping," looking at photos from local shelters. She found one who looked just like what she thought she wanted: a big orange neutered guy named Russ. So we went up to the Adirondack Save-A-Stray, and entered their room of 50-60 cats. Russ turned out to be bad-tempered, but we persisted in looking around with an open mind. My test was to sit in a chair and see how they were on my lap. We met a gorgeous 4 year-old calico named Calio... and took her home that evening. :-) We went to PetsMart to buy supplies, and New Parent Syndrome got the better of us: Calio's *very* well-provided for. She's a very calm, mellow kitty who purrs a lot and thrives on stroking, petting, love & affection. She's still getting acclimated to the new environment, but last night she spent a great deal of time in Gini's bedroom, getting lots of attention.

It's been amazing how good this was for Gini. As soon as I said, "Let's get a cat for my birthday," she came to life; she's had more energy and been more active. Amazing what love can do.

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