Sunday, February 29


Yesterday morning, after toiletting, I returned to bed for an hour which included 2 full sweeps: from the head down, then from the toes up.

Today... it seems that all that's really necessary is to get the metta flowing toward everyone, unimpeded. Once the flow starts, the technique can be dropped and one can just bask in the warm heart glow. One abides pervading all four quarters with a heart imbued with loving-kindnesss.

In yesterday's mail, my registration for the BCBS Bhavana Program, The Noble Path of the Householder, was confirmed, and my bus ticket arrived recently. So we're good to go in just 2 weeks from today.

Recent contemplation of what I've been writing, the reconstruction & expansion of Acting Crazy to Stay Sane indicates that a theme needing to be brought out is that of ownership of kamma. Instead of presenting me/Nick as hapless and helpless victim, emphasize the way my choices and behaviors brought about certain results, pleasant and unpleasant.

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