Wednesday, February 11

My Belated Xmas Presents

Mom took me to Barnes and Noble today, to have a go at spending my gift certificate. Due to timing problems, my hypoglycemia kicked in just when it was time for me to decide what to get of the things I'd looked at. Really painful. Couldn't think, couldn't decide, was strongly feeling the pressure to pick something.

What I ended up with:
A CD of Elvis Costello, "My Aim Is True," the one with "Alison"
A DVD of "American Splendor," the movie about Harvey Pekar
The Criterion Collection DVD of "I Am Curious (Yellow)" and "I Am Curious (Blue)" which I watched this afternoon - evening. Not at all what I was expecting. Alternately interesting / boring mixture of sexuality and politics. Tidbit I never knew: The titles refer to the colors of the Swedish flag.

I was looking at a book in the art section about Surrealism, and I lingered over William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition," but ended up not getting them.

My Aim Is True

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