Sunday, February 1


Karuna, from ~8:30 to ~9:30. Body sense distorted and expanded, become larger. Some very intense energy moving through the body in waves. At times, felt so full I might burst. Great compassion. Everyone is equally subject to suffering; everyone is equally deserving of compassion.

Pre-med surfing (from MetaFilter) led to A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization, including a section on Buddhism in China, which led to images of, and references to, our old friend, Kwan Yin. Powerful wave of the tinglies during the meditation when I thought of her, and wanted to emulate her.

Now noting a wish to find and read Shantideva's Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life.

It is, I think, not an insignificant recent event, that my primary meditation object has changed, from metta to karuna. [First noted and blogged on Sunday, January 25th.] Not that it's really any big deal, I wish to emphasize, in truth it's nothing special, but... It's a marker. It is significant, it does signify something... What, exactly? [laugh] Well, that's the game, isnt it? Let's find out.

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