Monday, February 9

Icky Feeling Explained!

While trying to locate that exact Shinzen Young quote, I found an article he wrote about that hard-to-describe icky, awful, can't-stand-it feeling that sometimes arises in therapy, when painful stuff is recalled, during periods of depression, and sometimes in connection with meditation. Mr. Young explains it thoroughly, and his explanation resonates with verisimilitude. In brief: it's the quality of resistance itself, a samskara that's being released from the depths of the unconscious. It can happen when people are engaged in spiritual work, or any kind of growth process. And it's actually a really good sign.

"The Icky-Sticky Creepy-Crawly It-Doesn't-Really-Hurt-But-I-Can't-Stand-It Feeling" by Shinzen Young

An Aphorism To Remember

If I'm remembering correctly, a Dharma teacher named Shinzen Young said something like, "Insight without tranquility is just...tripping." So always remember to proceed from relaxed tranquility.

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