Monday, February 16


Referring to the post below, "Musing on the Musings," I recall something Ajahn Passano expressed in the booklet, "Broad View, Boundless Heart," in the essay "Sublime Abiding Places for the Heart"

on p.22, after discussing the sequence of gladness at the absence of the hindrances ---> unification of mind:
"We see that happiness brings about samadhi, whereas usually we approach it the other way round. We often think, 'If only I could get my meditation together, then I would be happy," whereas it should be: 'How do I gain true happiness so my heart can be at ease?' It is a very important truth that the Buddha points to in this sequence of shades of happiness culminating in samadhi."


So: how do I make myself happy?

[Note: I'm really hammering on this theme because I'm trying to impress it on myself through repetition]

Recalling 2 weeks ago, Monday night, when the citta converged: I was happy. After watching a movie I enjoyed, being very relaxed, free from my usual worries, feeling delighted, then turning the mind to things as they are...

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