Friday, January 9


About a 45 minute sitting this a.m., very nice, just went straight to it. Metta. Directional pervasion. Greatly pleasurable and peaceful. Delightful.

I think the thing to remember about the hindrances is that they are just that: hindrances. Obstacles. Obstructions. If they can be avoided, avoid them by all means available. Don't go a-wandering. Stick close to your meditation subject at all times throughout the day.

The huge hindrance lately, and indeed for this lifetime, continues to be vyapada (ill will, anger, hatred). The best way to keep away from it is to... just keep away from it. Don't let it get started. Because when it gains momentum, it takes me deep into old conditioning, ancient dukkha. Metta (good will) is diametrically opposed to ill will. Metta is the antidote to the poison, the safety from danger.

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