Saturday, January 17

Silly Little Monkey Mind

About 1:00 of metta bhavana, more or less. The metta & feeling of warmth in the heart flow relatively easy, but the mind jumps all over the place. For a little while, the mind locked in on the pleasantness of the feeling of warmth & the pleasantness began to increase... but then mind started spazzing out again. Silly little monkey.

The warmth is still there, and the smile isn't fake.


This morning I found out about a fabulously cool/useless/useful/geekily-wonderful little application called Konfabulator, which lets you run all sorts of little widgets on your desktop. Spent entirely too much time looking through the Gallery of 488 widgets for things to strike my fancy. It's a hideous waste of screen real estate, it leads to excessive clutter, and OMG I love it so much! The widgets use javascript to do cool/funny/weird/useful/useless things. My current faves: CNNSplash, which puts the current main picture and a headline crawl from (updated every 5 minutes) on the desktop; Comic Strips, puts random comic strips on the desktop, updated every five minutes; iTunes Companion, displays album cover art & info about the song currently playing in iTunes; LyricScraper, downloads lyrics from databases for song currently playing in iTunes. There's Xmas lights, to-do lists, calendars. All withough opening separate apps, all done with JavaScript. Monstrously brilliant. Makes me want to learn JavaScript so I can make my own widgets.

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