Sunday, January 4

The Conditioned And Transitory Cannot Satisfy

I did not do a proper meditation yesterday, and yesterday was a painful day. This is not a coincidence; this is causality. The tide was in, and there was much suffering. But I kept reminding myself: the true refuge is in awareness. And that became the promontory, the vantage point where I could observe the storm and its passing.

Today, again like New Year's Day, a metta session, first to myself, then to DaeJa, my benefactor. I love it when the thinking drops away and there's just stillness. The heart radiates warmth, and the pleasure of that warmth comes to fill up the whole body with delightful tingly goodness. Yum. I love that peace, that tingly body, that quiet mind peace, but it is transitory. It never lasts; it cannot. The conditioned cannot satisfy.

DaeJa said this was going to be a wonderful year for me, and my heart resonates with that. It feels true. Strong determination arises: not to gain, but to let go.

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