Monday, December 8

"Who Is My Self?"

After a flurry of udakka-kukkuccha -- worrying about where the car is parked, and getting Prestwick Chase to remove the snow, fearing a conflict there -- the mind finally settled down into a nice period of samadhi.

Last night, I made a strong determination to put away my childish things -- reading comix -- and return to studying the Dhamma. The book I chose to restart with was Ayya Khema's book, "Who Is My Self? A Guide to Buddhist Meditation." Early on in that book, she talked about the value of renunciation during periods of intensive meditation, renunciation over and above keeping the five basic precepts. So I also made the determination to rely less on entertainments to fill the time, and to spend some time using the third precept as total celibacy, rather than merely refraining from misconduct.

Who Is My Self?

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