Tuesday, December 9


As I was truckin', truckin' on down the line to the front desk to fill out today's menu, I was passing a woman who looked vaguely familiar, and as I do with just about everyone, I nodded and smiled and said hello. When she used my name, I realized that it was Suzanne Shepherd, whom I'd spoken with regarding her plan to have her Shiatsu Therapist visit Prestwick Chase. Ruth Brown will be coming to have lunch at PC on Saturday, and to talk & answer questions in the library, and will be seeing clients on Thursday, 12/18. On returning to the apartment, I found the flier, called the number, and left a message with my name & number, mentioning that I live at Prestwick and would like an appointment with her.

My body is crying out for this! As before, with Beth Sabo Novik, just the prospect of it makes me nearly weep with gratitude. And best of all: she'll be coming here, so transportation isn't an issue. ;-)

Ruth Brown's homepage is called Dragon Circles.

Very excited, this feel's like one of those synchronistic gifts from the universe, just what I need at the right time.

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