Sunday, December 14

Pervasive Goth-y Gloom, or, You Can't Go Home Again

Earlier this evening, Gini and I watched the Extended Edition DVD of "The Fellowship of the Ring" in preparation for Wednesday's release of "The Return of the King."

Then, as Gini was feeling unwell and nappy, I came out here and watched "The Crow," which I'd recorded earlier this evening. Two things struck me: 1) Amazing, the intense physicality Brandon Lee brought to the role. He might mave been quite a movie star, given more time. 2) You can't go home again; though I appreciated the dark cityscapes, Lee's intensity, the tasty soundtrack and the pervasive goth-y gloom, this viewing just didn't do it for me the way it did back in the day. Ah well, that was an altogether other Bri, 27 years old. I wish him happiness, good health, perfect peace.

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