Tuesday, December 16

"I Remember Me"

Last night, Gini and I viewed a documentary about Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, CFS, (or Chronic Fatigue and Immune Deficiency Syndrom, CFIDS). "I Remember Me," directed by Kim A. Snyder, is a sad, brilliant detective story. As surprising as the information that it was first identified in the 80s in Lake Tahoe was the dismaying pattern of disbelief and willful ignorance on the part of the medical establishment, particularly the CDC and NIH.

It's clear that Gini and I (to a perhaps lesser extent) both have this collection of symptoms. We usually call it fibromyalgia, but that's probably related, or a different term for the same cluster of problems. I had such high hopes that all of my problems were due to sleep apnea and I was feeling better initially due to the BiPap, but that seems to have stopped being quite so helpful, and all my aches and pains and tiredness have returned in full force. I will continue to use the BiPap, because on those rare nights when I haven't used it, I woke up with that oxygen-deprived headachey feeling, but the BiPap turns out not to be the miracle cure I had hoped it was. *Sigh*

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