Sunday, December 7


Today's meditation focused on karuna, compassion, after some metta. Began with karuna toward myself, "May I be free of suffering and its causes." Then to myself aged 17, "Brian, may you be free of suffering and its causes." Then to others: to Dad, to Beth. It was only about a 40-minute session, but it felt productive and worthwhile.

Last night, IFC showed the first "Terminator" movie. Gini fell asleep at the very end, but saw most of it. Before that, we watched "Spider-Man," and I was pleased to find that I enjoyed it much more than I did when I first saw it in the theater. Maybe it was a mood thing; or maybe it was another instance of my perverse reaction to popularity. Sometimes when a film or something is very, very popular, I adopt an anti- stance. Just to be different, I suppose. But it's a sad loss that I occasionally deprive myself of things that are actually good, just because a lot of other people like them, too... There was a sequence in the Big Fight at the End in which Green Goblin threw some slicing spinning things at the hero, who dodged and backflipped out of the way. This *exact same sequence* showed up in the movie, "Daredevil," with DD gymnastically evading some glass shards Bullseye had hurled. Just as in the comics, Daredevil is a poor man's Spiderman (but I loved both.)

Here's the cover of the DVD of "Daredevil." Any excuse for a picture of Jennifer Garner in black leather. ;-)


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