Saturday, December 13

A Blockage Dissolves

Ahhhhhhhhhh, metta. About an hour and a quarter. Most of that time directed to me -- and a blockage dissolved. I felt it go, melted by that lovely warmth. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Insight: this is where it's needed most. I still tend to treat myself worse than I would anybody else. So that's the focus now, on all these cittas stretching all the way back as far as memory can extend (and beyond), these physical and mental aggregates misnomered "Brian" for convenience's sake.

There was eventual expansion via radiating metta not only to my inner children, but to all children, those who are currently young and those who used to be, and who still carry those vulnerable, dependent creatures within.

Yesterday's vague unfocused sit was trying to use anapanasati, but it's become abundantly clear (again) that metta is the tool that's most effective for this current work, so that the rest of the blockages may be dissolved and further progress along the Path can arise.

MMmmm good.

Now I must prepare for the meet-and-greet with Ruth Brown, the shiatsu practitioner.

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