Tuesday, November 4

"Lost in Translation." Lost, losing, loss. Sad, tired. Jet-lag. Can't sleep. "Lip my stocking!" R and L confusion. The thrill of discovery, and the sweetness of unrequited longing. What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding? More than this, you know there's nothing more than this. I've dreamed cities just like Tokyo, but didn't know it until this movie.

This morning's meditation: too short, but life's exigencies will not be denied. Metta for warmup, anapanasati for our feature presentation. A tiny bit of piti, not really enough to qualify. Nice, though. :-)

This afternoon, the "Stress Reduction Group." Chris said she might stay for it after Gini's session. It would be nice if more people were there than just me. Gini, Sally... others? Depending on who is there, I might give a recapitualtion of the "Benefits of Meditation" talk, but I really want to get into the talk on sila as the necessary foundation for samadhi, and do a rundown of the 5 precepts.

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