Friday, November 7

Last night, Gini and I went to "The Matrix: Revolutions." Oh my goodness: YES! Deeply, deeply satisfying.

Only one thing bothered me: Neo has all along been a Christ figure, and indeed his sacrifice even had a subtle but noticeable little crucifix-shaped light among all that gold light. But it ended with the crucifixion; what about the resurrection? If you're going to use that myth, it's necessary to use the whole thing. Without the resurrection, the whole thing is incomplete; pretty sunrise or no.

But what comparatively minor flaw in a series surfeited with wonders!

Today's meditation: all metta. Nice. Not nearly long enough, as I had to stop earlier than desirable to get ready to go on the Prestwick Chase shopping trip.

It's 7:06PM. Time to walk down to the Corner Cupboard to pick up our takeout dinner.

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