Tuesday, November 11

Interlude from the dhammasukha list yesterday and today: a new guy named Wayne introduced himself and said he had stage II diabetes (did he mean Type II?) and commented a little on how he manages his hypoglycemic episodes with insulin. Khanti-Khema came back with a post about different Ayurvedic medicines and minerals and "sweet bread." Wayne replied, politely but firmly, that he couldn't afford the minerals, and wouldn't be doing the sweet bread thing, & would be seeing his doctor at the VA next month...

The lesson here: it's really presumptuous to go around handing out free, unsolicited medical advice over the internet. No responsible practitioner would ever think of diagnosing and recommending treatment without meeting & examining the person. So caveat emptor.

And I think the same holds true for unsolicited meditation advice as well. Such advice pellets should be regarded like candy from strangers...

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