Sunday, November 9

Have there been clinical studies yet on the analgesic effect of blogging?

I went to this afternoon's movie up in the auditorium. They were showing "Finding Nemo." The little old ladies present made the maintenance guy who started the film go make popcorn. After the prologue, he came back with a big tray filled with bowls of popcorn. He offered them to everyone else... but not to me. The woman next to me said, "Would you like a handful." I took a few kernels, ate them, then got up and left. I know it was a pouty, childish thing to do, but honestly, I'm sick of being treated as "less than" as one undeserving of basic human consideration. And I'm really tired of living among grannies -- nasty, embittered, rude, self-absorbed grannies. And maintenance guys who appear to suffer from rather large learning deficits.

"Enter the Dragon" is going to be on one of the HBOs in just a couple of minutes. Gini is sleeping off her migraine. We had to demur on Sally's visit. I probably won't be able to sustain attention on the movie for its entirety, but I'm going to try it anyway. "Kill Bill, Vol. 1" renewed my secret love for martial arts flicks, a fondness that needs must be enjoyed as a solitary pleasure -- there's a lot of that in my life, isn't there? ;-)

"Enter the Dragon" just started. Bad music, nearly-naked guys in loin cloths grappling and grunting.... It does kind of look like a certain species of porn, now that you mention it.

actually, "Enter the Dragon" kind of rocks!
Enter the Dragon

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